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Crafty Wonderland and where it all began....

Crafty Wonderland

Pretty excited!

Sunday, I was accepted into Crafty Wonderland. For those of you not familiar with the PNW awesomeness of Crafty, it is a 3 day December event with 275 carefully juried booths. And they picked me to be a part of it! I am over the moon. Time to get to work, get the to do list rolling and booth designed. My hope is to design a booth that gives you the sense of a rolling floral cart, with cabana striped fabric and a canopy.

So how did this all start?

Teacher gifts!

It was the Sunday before my little guys last week of preschool and I had no teacher gifts. But I did have lots of felt on hand. I decided to make the three teachers floral arrangements. Not too hard, right. Here's what I made. I was hooked. I had always loved flowers and our dried out PNW yard had no color at all. I could make my own color! After I finished I thought, well... those are MINE. hahahaha. So 'preschool' me.

Back to the teacher gift drawing board. So I came up with making each a flower barrette. Pretty easy!

And I could keep my first arrangements. So greedy, but glad I did.

After that day this spring, all my free time has been cutting glueing and inventing new flower. I go for walks most mornings and I take pictures of flowers, figuring out their structures, and TaDA! a new flower is born..

I look forward to sharing some tutorials and processes with you soon. Stay tuned and Welcome to my blog.

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