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African Wild Dog Fundraiser


Hi! I'm Logan. I drew these Endangered Animal Note cards (at age 6) during the Coronavirus pandemic in order to raise money to buy radio collars for endangered African Wild Dogs and make the world a better and more diverse place.

I have loved Painted Dogs since I first encountered them at the Oregon Zoo.

The cards come in a set of 8 (4.25 x 5.5") with envelopes. Each pack is $15 and free shipping or local PDX contactless delivery available.

All proceeds will be donated to Painted Dog Conservation. For more information about their work, click the link below.

Artist Message and Mission

Note Card Designs

Pack of 8 with envelopes-

$15 (shipping included)

All funds raised will be donated to Painted Dog Conservation

Order info below

How to Order

If you would like to order, fill out the contact form here

We will email back with payment info. We take venmo and personal checks. Thank you for helping the African wild dogs!

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